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Kurlu Ninti

Kurlu Ninti a person of
Law and Culture
has visited most sacred sites
and has an overview
of Indigenous
 Law and Culture.
has been to many law grounds
and sacred sites
over a period of 30 yrs.
and arrived and Anangu Pitanjatjangarra
at the coming of the big kalpartuu.
At this time message was given do not fuchia
this ceremony as it will result
in an extensive and extended drought
so they fuchia it
and now they have the drought.
Stralia_News have the story

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott
authorised a Nation
to victimise peter stralia
at the Last election


Nunga Dreamtime
It is sayed in the dreamtime
one day white fella man come
and show them the way to the
spirit world.
When the person arrives having
been used and abused
they are critical of it.

It is to be sayed usery and abuse
is to no avail
and the Nunga will not achieve there want
by way of usery and abuse.

Ant-Honey Mundene

Ant-Honey Mundene
Ant-Honey star struck staring at the Box
says His belt was lose when he was trying
to shaft it but that his nuts are tight
and the head jellies ok.

Tony Abbott P.M
arrives bak in Australia Alive
VukSak he must be
one of the walking dead.


CambellNewman talks shit on the radio
re the cyclone and is talking in terms
of probabilities rather than fact.
Talk shit arseole.


Politicians in Canberra demand more respect
as they are educated Lawyers Accountants
and economic theologions.
What a load of Wonk.
They aint got a clue what they talking about re the economy.

BobCarr's MemoryWonks

BobCarr's MemoryWonks

Bob Car says Fuggly is selfish and should have got off the
Dildo and we should have had a Wonk with Kevin
on the Plane to pass the time.
Kevin being a policy Wonk.
Mr Carr also says the Inflight
catering is shithouse and that
he'll prolly die 2 years earlier
 than previously expected
 for having eaten the food.


FTA will not serve our economy at this time
due to the downtrending nature of the economy
the agreements will leed to cheap exports of our product
and tariff relief on incoming goods
so it a win win for the Japan
and a lose lose in the longterm for the aUSTRALIAN ECONOMY
It cannot be assumed our agricultural markets will remain at the current prices.

it wouldst seem the Govt intention is simply to get
product moving at any cost.
Investment Officer

Ya Fuken Woggs

The Asian and the Chinese come to this Land

But when ya say hi to them in the street
they fuken ignore ya like they above ya mentally.
fuken arrogance.
My Land not your land.
When ya go to China they treat ya like poo poo.
Cept when they want somethink they soon talk then oh Hi frendly
not fuken frendly ya fuken using kunz.


bugger-Off Rio Tinto
Ya Kunz get outta my land
Lest wise Godalla shall curse thee.
When told leave .leave that law
Get Outta My Land Rio-Tinto- Bugger-Off.
King of Buhzra.

Oh! peter love

Oh you used to live with Nix...??
MMM yes..
Oh what she like.??
She Roots all day and eats lettuce
formerly known as the rock n roll
sex doll.


United Service Station
Henley Beach

They got the fuel bowser werking like an egg beater.
The pump pressure so high can hardly get any fuel in the car with minimum trigger.
Unusual for this servo usually good delivery from pump..

Today for the same 15 litres I (5 litres short on the fuel gauge).
This a common scamm they wwerk in rural districts..

it dangerous coz can leave you short on fuel on a tjourney.
Once I ran out fuel 5 kms from the designated stop point. coz this.

Actually I bought 16 litres..

Do Not Use This Fuel Station
Can't trust Arabs.


StraliaBank Interest rates
StraliaBank lowers interest rate


basis points.







this brings the Bank in line with current economic trend.
The rate decrease will be given as one.
The intention being to cause a
stimulation in the month of May 2014.
investment Officer

Retail Sales AU.
Down 0.345813231 -3.5%

Iniquity unto me

Iniquity unto me

Caused of the recent
iniquity committed unto me
thee hath been awarded TEN (10) yrs drought.
these the clouds in the sky fer it.
Next rain in due season due 2065 A.D.
The bible speaketh of 100 yrs of war
I think somethink wrong with that interpretation more like
looking 100 yrs of drought.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott P.M.

Sanctions many acts of abuse against me 
that such abuses are carried out 
impinge on my life in a very serious way.
The latest abuse is of my Motor vehicle.
Also the lack of assistance in my needs for
I'm told they do not assist refugees and
itinerant people with accommodation.
And that I am homeless and sleep outside each night
thus doing so for a considerable time
the situation does not shew sighns of improving
over the short term.
You a Dog Abbott

PNG will not resettle your refugees Abbott Law
King of Buhzra.


VBP 225
WUE 461
XTJ 231
WJN 326
XRA 326
Z27 AA
XER 454
WRC 828
XLR 956
516 SNA
XX 718 E
S 259-AXZ

DO Not park on my property
use the carpark intended for the flinders medical staff next door
for partking.
not the property of the Bank 
337 Sturt Rd
Bedford Park
S.A. 5042


CentreLink closed due Adelaide Cup
whilst at the Cup keep in Mind
there a homeless person in Need assistance
and because you at the cup
the homeless person in need of assistance is sitting
in the street waiting for you to return to werk

even the Melbourne Cup
Not get day off werk
so Adelaide Cup sometink real special

Bunnings Ya Bastard pt2

I spend plenty money at bunnings
but today I got evicted from the store
You see my bank account I spend plenty money there
at Bunnings
So I dint take any free popcorn today
and had drink and bath at solver paint next door


S.A. Housing Trust
When speaking with an employee of Bunnings Marion
it was bought to my attention
The girl paying 25% of her wages in Rent
I was also told the S.A.Housing insist she water the Garden in drought
and that the water bill was 250.00

She also sayed the housing trust come and search the
property once every three months without warrant...

Being that home inspections consist of
1. Drainage
2. Plumbing
3. Internal Premises neat and tidy Not abused.
4. Basic cleanliness
The person tells me the S.A. Housing
come and search the premises
including the Garden shed
every 3 Months
and that her rites to peaceful
occuppation of the premises is being

Bunnings Marion

went Bunnings Marion for drink water and shower in the Garden centre there
The person coming sayeth you cannot drink the water
sayeth I why not
he say it recycled water
then he sayed to me leave the store
sayeth I what authority you got
tell me to leave the store
He sayed "I the store Manager" 
And he would not let me drink there
sayin it recycled water.
So I didnt take any free popcorn
It is my conclusion the person
handling the situation in a
precluded and predetermined way
it is also conclusive he wanting
to excert his authority on a person in a
lesser position
Thus I conclude the Manager at Bunnings Marion
His Life cursed and he a rock spider

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