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Attended the Jamestown Bank at 03:58
Police Officers
Arriving bak at Peterborough Police
Pull my vehicle over for NO specific reason
Did not do a license check for reasons beknown to them.
Officer 27629 being non-specific in accusations
The conversation ending in that
They doing a number on me and building
circumstancial evidence in matters un-beknown to me.
Officer 27629 proclaiming I need medication
My telling 27629 there are those qualified 
to make that assesment and the matter
does not lay with 27629.
Officer 72903 expiating. 'Lets Leave it at that shall we'
None the less the matter remains,
The Jamestown ANZ Bank owe me an 100 dollars
to wit I have made complaint to the Bank viz the web site
with NO response.
It would seem the Bank think they have priviledge
in the way they deal with matters.
And complain of the way I write them.
Which is somewhat different to the way I deal with them
in person.
None the less I am entitled to get the matters investigated.
This is not the first time I had my Bank account hacked
and the hacking being done by the tellers who
have priveledged position.
The Chinese Branch of the ANZ in Canberra also stole an 100 dollars.
The Motel also doing an Hack on the account.
to wit the account was eventually closed at

The Lismore branch of the ANZ also hacked the account
I having to be quite Vocal in telling the Teller to STOP
deleting the History.
It would seem they do these thinks at the bequest of the 
Prime Minister
Tony  Abbott
and former prime Minister
Kevin Rudd
The persons being quite defensive tho' when challenged
about there activity.


Wednesday Trade quite ordinary,
Having to close early due to hacking
and open again on New platform,
Thursday early trade bright 
with a sell on the NZD
Making good gains for the punters
The buy bak  at 1.075
closing at 1.07
The bank traded above trend 
closing at
78.53    50.1    70.3    95.94    1.07
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

Ship building news brings new run on Yen 1.55.4

78.7    50.2    70.3    96.2    1.077
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

78.67    50.175    70.3    96.2    82.7
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

78.67    50.175    70.3    97    81.995
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

78.63    50    70.1    97    1.075
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

78.63    50    70.35    97    1.075
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

78.63    50.1    70.1    95    1.07
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

78.53    50.1    70.3    95.94    1.07
AuD    Ukp    EuRo    YeN    NzD

Where do refugee's go??

Tea and Bikkies Musik Jules.

OH! People earn a million Buks for less.

What Happening


Net value plumitts.
StraliaBank sold under the Card
on the Euro in Early trade Wednesday
Selling at 55 |72 on the buy bak
which resulted in heavy losses for the Bank
Other majors profiting stimulating margins in the selloff.
Closed at 
Down from
1.112.883,120 YEN
previous day.
Losses continue for the bank in early Trade today
Unable to make ground on the strengthening
The YEN gaining Little and firming at
YEN  96.815

StraliaBank closed in early trade today
80.875    50.0995    71.695    96.815    1.0773
AuD         Ukp           EuRo     YeN        NzD

NET Value

I In Adelaide two more days
I in Adelaide two more days 

Nuriootpa Libry running scamm

They got the downloads folder locked.
they pinch copy of everybodies werk and lock it away
in a secret data base
that because the system admin is a young Girl
and they got no morality.

80-90 in 110 zone

80-90 In a 110 Zone
is a traffic hazard
The Police need to issue
infrindgement notices.
it is an element of Dangerous driving.
it is also FKN Arrogant.
One doing 75 on the Port Wakefield rd the other day
God Almighty Kurz the Kunz
these the one's ya got fukn yell at.
And tell 'em ya got no rite to do
80 - 90 in a 110 zone.
One day these kunz gonna end in the scrubb
they Kurzed.
Koz ya know what They arrogantly Irate other road users
And ya know that trukky
he gonna drive straight over the top of ya.
that the angry trukkie sayin.
Abuse these old kunz ya get rain.
That  there punishment.

You want rain get one of these old kunz
doing 80 - 90 and yell and scream at them
the FKN arrogant kunz it rains I tried it.
in Port Pirie.
But then they annoy me and I
saying begone of yea.
But be sure It will rain ya FKN yell
at the OLD Kunz it there punishment
for they very arrogant.
prolly abusive old Kunz.

The General

Went to see the General today
Been looking at the recent fillings
they need 820 million to cover the company
We can do 820 over 7 years
good time now to refinance and restructure enterprise.
I sayin to the Admin in my email
Notify security Sayin I comin let me in.

But the security wouldnt let me In
and he saying now whatya gonna do
Sayeth I fokall
close the Factory.

Application for rental peterborough

Called at Landmark peterborough Monday afternoon 3pm
27/04/2015 enquiring if Jo Lawler would be in town this week.

They enquire of my whereabouts of last thursday,
whilst at the same time maintian there stance of not
being involved with rentals.
I sayeth unto them I am not answerable to you for the situation
as your not involved with rentals.
They saying the only way to contact Jo Lawler is to fone and leave number
she will return the call.
I am loath to do this as previous experience has shewn me
the call bak technique is such that persons can run
there scamm from a smart fone and copy all the contact information.

They saying you were'nt at the office last thursday
23/04/2015 So. !!??!! (Meaning a negative affirmation)
Once again I tell them I am not answerable to you for the situation.
I saying I concerned what happening with my
application and the personal data therein.
Landmark respond the application been sent to
Port Augusta.

They saying Jo be here tomorrow.
3:45 Arrive at Landmark 28/04/2015,
I saying is Jo in town
They saying she been and gone maybe left town.
There someone with a fone sending text.
Oh, Jo walks in the office.   (A similarity to Brown caravan park)
hi Jo have you got my application,
She saying Oh I'll look in the car,
but I dont think I got it,
goes to car and rumages thru several applications.
No it not here,
I saying Jo what have you done with my application,
She sayed I probably I threw it in the to hard basket.
I couldnt read it she saying.

{interestingly there are people around town
making sighns and wonders
of the contents of my application} 
I depart arriving at ANZ branch peterborough 16:10hrs.

Tues 18:28 hrs 28/04/2015
Police Officer 75251 arrive at my roadside home,
making claim Landmark peterborough lodged a complaint.
supposedly of the way I talk to them
I make plain to the officer
I talk to them in a pertinent and socially acceptable manner.
She sayed people don't fone for no reason.
{{In my case they very often do}}
{{It is my opinion the only interest realtors
have is finding out all about your business and how you earn your money,
Jo comented that to  me at our meeting
She wants to know how I earn my money
Thus there interest is finding out what your samm is
with a view to cornering it,
or getting some of the pie.
My previous experiences of Ray White hacking my computer
is affirmation of this.
There whole attitude is Whats your scamm.
We want to know.
79.95 falling.

They hath wrought curses even unto there own Land
these the clouds in the sky fer it.


Stralia bank moves + 28.8 points.
stats to follow.
In view of the coming 200 job losses this month,
StraliaBank moves 0.028.8
anticipating there will  be loan defaults
caused of the job losses.
Investment Officer

The Police

The police told me to leave my roadside abode yesterday 3PM
South of Jamestown.
It a disused roadside base for roadwerkers
Police telling me I not allowed to live on the side of the road
to wit the Policeman then aquice with Jo Lawler
and the she doing her job properly and that If I not got
Perfect rental History I wont get a place to live.
thus I remarked then I'll have to stay in the street.

My previous experience with the Ray White realtor
is that they trade
personal details and my last rental with ray white
wollongong they sent copious amount requests for me to visit many
of there reps Facebook Pages.
so they into the Internet and personal data leaks.

Conversations with Blondie

he sitting in the street,
I say what ya doing Man,
Any good yarndie around.
What you doing with your life.
I dont want to do anythink with my life
He sayin I want to be an alcoholic.
I sayin Not goiod man you have an obligation
to do somethink constructive with your Life.
Now he a wheelchair hacker.
The fkn useless scumbag.

Confront the Police with a lethal weapon

Confront the police with a lethal weapon

They will Kill You.

Thus it is yea should be deade.
chuck him out his wheelchair make him crawl for the rest of his life
take my money of him.
Somehow he seems to be gaining public support for his evil whiles.
I bought a susuki carry van for extreme dollars
good buy had limited slip diff mod
done by engineer
spent 3 months rebuilding it.
Lanky and Blondie want to steal it to got to townsville.
That why he ended almost deade on the side of the road
NT police sayed Justice hath been done.
They were in knowledge of my effort in rebuilding the van.
To wit I went thru the Strezlecki desert in it.
Thus arrived at Peterborough.

Recent Solar Panel Experiment-Results

          15 Watt Panel
   O.C. Volt 19~21 V
    S.C. current 0.7A

   Load Current   19V/Vload x 0.7A
   With Diode    19V/Vload+Vd x 0.7A
   Max Load 1.7 Ohms
   Min Load 27 Ohms
   Max Load Volts = 3.5 Volts
   Max current 3.8 A
Experiment found the 15 Watt panel delivered these values
                  That a decrease in required Load Voltage
                   Produced corresponding increase in current output.
   13 volt loads Most inefficient load.
    5 Volt Load panel produced 2.2 Amps.
Solar Generator 2 Amp
Solar Generator Charge cycle improvement.
When 25 nF capacitor with blocking diode
in feedback loop Secondary winding to Primary winding
Approx 10%. Extends High Current charge
capability by way of pulling down terminal voltage 1 volt.

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