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Directly Responsible for exacerbating my forlorn and impoverished situation


Peter's Response, made mention afor of such matters.
Psychological;Mental Emotional abuse

Stalking is a criminal offense.


Broadcast Message.
Public Notices.
Those responsible for making fictitous fone calls
to the cops, Causing them to make an unscheduled call out,
This being done in an attempt to cause peter Stralia harrassment,

Peter seeks to advise those responsible
they shall be monitored there internet activity
thus shall also be monitored.
To use the Police Dept. in such a way is in itself Criminal Activity.


Kiddie hackers at peterborough scooowl libry been hacking my email account.


Spoke with a Salvation Army Officer today,
He quite obviously has No understanding,
of the transitional requirements between street and Home.


that rite luvvy the best think for you to do is keep ya legs crossed.
you obviously deformed.


Noise in the Libry

Noise in the libry mostly of the staff
shews NO respect for the client
I find I am not allowed quiet such that I may concentrate
on what I'm doing.

Places of edification
the libry is no longer a place of edification
it is SCAMM HQ

ABC/News 24

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God almighty ALLAH shall curse the musik

The are all accursed of the musick
Australia a society of dogs

au economy

au economy now revealed to have an underlying recession
being that G is 2.7%

you got that bank online yet.

This makes business

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Music in shops

CIA reveal to subject another to music against there
wish or want is torture.
That is to say musik in shops subjects others
to auto suggestive input not of there will,
it is torture.
Secondly the person in the shop niether the client is
listening to the musik thus causes neurosis.
That is to say  periods of time subjected
to an audio input transversely causes neurosis

Hospital survey

My Survey shews the majority
of Hospital beds are taken keeping
old foggies alive that should have been dead
fkn yrs ago costing million upon millions.
whilst the young and verile get short changed.
Those werthy of spending a quid on, and a likley
positive return.

Attended the hospital with an allergic reaction to medication
and got told check the bed for bugs,
given two pills and sent away.
He look malnourished
dont worry about that, that nuthin........
The hospital system incompetent,
they too also can be smart mouthed sluts.
which is prolly why they get abused.
and smacked in  the mouth.




Four die in car incident

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I been to see many places in mrwill''mbah and still not accurately diagnosed my problem
Oh No!!!!
the speeding car app and the mobile phone much more important.

There fore it shews they are not qualified
Doktores and Nuses my complaint still undiagnosed.

Particularly the Doktor at the aforsayed
medical centre is aggressive and a bull shit doktor.
10:17am 22/10/2014
Attended the Casino Hosp this Morning
at 1 am Consulatation with the Nurse
5 am
The nurse did not take medicare details as is
routine neither did the Nurse check ssn.
Failed to accurately diognose the problem.
Ive been challenged in my statement.
"Unqualified"u don't know there not qualified
Therefore I make claim they are Incompetent
and are unable to accurately diagnose my Injury
which looks like a bullet wound to the head,

Attended three hospitals yesterday departed all
No Treatment and the complaint still
needs to be accurately diagnosed.

Therefore the Doctors and Nurses ive consulted with so foar
If you don't know how much petrol in the tank
of a lawn mower that is incompetance in accordance
with judgements of Disability werkers.

eventually diagnosed
Nimbin Hosp.
Tick. Big Tick.

Doktoras and Nurses from PommieL/// bullshit pommie nurses and doktors.

Meical centres
Queen st medical centre
denied treatement here entirely.
and abrubtly.

Doctors and Nurses...

Why they got the instructions on the kardaic machine
they proffessional they should now how to use the machine
the doctors and the nurses.

no pay rises until they learn to manage the budget they already got
the SPEEDING CAR app is most important and more important than the patience
and has to be played at every opportunity fok the patients.

Tweed Daily News.//Googlesyndication.

They going to turn the lights off!
Australia shall come to know poverty,
and hardship in accordance with
the current economic climate.

Real Estate agents particularly haver been notified.
A messager from Joe Hockey.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They'''ve had long enuff.
Now they fall in conciet.

You can see I',m qualified at what I do

look at the stats you can see I'm qualified to talk market's.

The hospital staff quite obviously not qualified.

I don't know how to werk the stats.

Too bad.
tell em fok all..

My Name peterStralia

I went to the Salvo's in Byron Bay being Homeless,
for considerable time,
they were arrogant and abusive and threw me out.


The Australian Govt Want
1. More War
2. More Growth
3. 2% G a target.
supposed to be on (2.9) (3.5%) Growth Now.

What ya mean No!
You owe me 190 dollars
One an EFT fraud.
another 100.00 deposit
not deposited into account
that cash over the counter.

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