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Prime Minister Tony Abbott
In His Unbiased opinion
the matter of MH is a terrorist
Attack and that there are
298.00 victims to wit
each will be paid 37.5K.
The payment will be a high level
payment easily paid with little
red tape.

pups turn into dogs

Clive Palmer Fails to Gain Unity
Of Other Stand Alone Party Members.

Disloyal to the Leadership
of the Uniting Party Lone members choose
 to further Burden The economy with
Unneccessary expense of repealing
 it is an Unneccessary expense
as it is agreed of the leader of the
Partie to repeal it.

There Dislayolty fanes what the Party stands for
In veiw the EDU Sys just received 1.8 Billion
Another Billion o0ver the forward estimates
it is NonSensicle to deny
the Abolition of this Mrrt.
 Being that EDU has been taken care of
 as a matter of Priority when the Abbott Govt elected.

The Palmer Uniting Party now entering
the disgussion Mid Tjuni Need to Follow there Leader.
In that the Party Gained a Priority In The Process
of furnishing it's objectives.
The Party Now Loses that Gain.
As it was agreed By the Party Leader That gain for his
parties support.

In that Clive Palmer Failed to deliever
his Part of the agreement
the Gains and aggreement is now Nulified.
And the matter is now for re-discussion
and re-negotiation..

Being such the Govt declare.
Gains Given to the Palmer Uniting party
now Invalid as the   Matter has been returned to the House.
For re-negotiation.
By  Loners Operating within the Party
seeking Indepedent status.

The matter of the school kids bonus can
be tabled as another matter the MRRT
Having been repealed the argument of funding
the Bonus can then be entered into.
Now funding for the Bonus has to be argued
At great expense to enterprise.
Thus it can be considered these two Lone Wolfs within the
party need be dismissed in that they are not in accord
with Party Policy or Party Politics.
They are Indeed Grandios
and Humiliate there Leader.

Onya Clive

Whats an Office Clerk??
A Shitkikker for the Boss


The Prime Minister wants better productivity.

Clive Palmer of the PuPs needs be
congratulated on this current ammendment
so vitally important for Australian Consumers
In that regulation is applied to energy
suppliers to pass on to Consumers the
reduction in Tariff caused of the
removal of the Carbon Tax.
And that it does not apply to those consumers
providing another product in there supply usage.
It is important for consumers to know
that the tariff is returned to pre legislation rates.
Any changes in the rate … It is important
for consumers to know what point in the rate
is pre legislation and what is any additional tariff.
It is also Important that the relief
is passed to Consumer and not funneled into other projects
the rate being left at current rate.


Glen Villa Resort, Casino
 115 Johnson Street (Bruxner Highway)

 Phone / Fax: (02) 6662 1572

Civil Claims NS
First Lodgement

peter Stralia 21 Bourke St Dubbo NSW 2830
Attn: Management Glen Villa Resort Billing.


I.D. 29320  17/06/2014 23/06/2014
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Powered Sites                                
Un-Powered Sites
$15.00 per night
 - 2 People
 - Extra People $7.50 per person

 - 2 People
 - Extra People $10.00 per person   
$20.00 per night

Tasmania considers Legislation on Pot




Nicole Kidman award winning Au'Stralian actor
supports contraversial website

Show Compassion. Peter

Come and talk if you want could be
Beneficial for you.

origins of Traffic Law

The original Traffic law states
Only red/Amber lenses on rear of vehicle.

Industry Standards

Translucent lenses and yellow globes/
for indicators and red globes
/ Led's brake lights is not
an acceptable Industry standard
and that these lights are Barely
Visible in Sunlight and are
a traffic hazard.
Particularly the
Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry Altise.

Refit kits need to be manufactured
with Amber and Red lenses.

Politicians desist payrise having given themselves one anyway

Politicians recognising they are servants
And live on Charity desist payrise.
Charity whatya mean Charity.
Tax payers Money?
That's Charity
And that Politicians are the Most
unproductive segment of the community.
And Lyers.
They said they dont fund business
The not-for-profit sector the fastest
growing sector of the Economie
A mil a year each at least
That business
See they a mob of fkn lying Kun'z.

What ya been doin

What ya been doin peter??
I dropped a lolly wrapper in the shopping centre and they cracked up.
Then I dropped some Mandarin skin in the shopping centre and they cracked up.
Then I burst a balloon and they cracked up.
Ya gotta piss em off to make it rain.
it dont take much and they not very tolerant.
What ya gonna do next??
I not tellin ya!!
but they gonna be very very pissed off in a minute.
And these the clouds in the sky fer it.


Au Economy trending Low
the junxtaposition is the Bank need to increase the cash rate

Whilst the RBA need to decrease rates.
to further stimulate the economy.
The Bank need to Increase rates.
To dampen inflation.

when the FTA's come into effect
this will further put pressure on local produce
prices as the Market subsidises these exports.
Thus further trending inflation Higher.

Indigenous week

indigenous week lets walk the talk

it must be noted that the occupation of
Australia has been settled for 5 milion dollars Au
A cultural dance made to sygnify this achievement
The Chicken Dance
the Last Stance
Stay there give us 5 mil.
Explicit in the ceremonial dance
along with associated paint.

it is also interesting to note that
The govt designate these people as being
original custodians of the land
which Implies they Not own the land
but are caretakers of the Land for another Party
kurluu Ninti

Tony Abbott public Address

Tony Abbott p.M.
hath mislead the
Australian people into thinking
he would lead the
Nation onto better tinks
Culturally Fiscally and Economically

These tinks he hath NOT done and hath
also mislead other world leaders
in the Pacicific rim.

The pinnecles

I sorry for calling Tony Abbott prime Minister of Australia
a lying Kunt.
I on the Piss..

None the less it does not bequile the fact
he a Lying Kunt.

i cant get accommodation

Because they putting all the refugee imported woggs into Housing

The Pinnacles of a Greenwhych

I got invited to lunch with the p.M.
yesterday last week next year
but I refused it unlawfull to associate with known criminals.

the greenies were Green
but now they in power they running the kuntry
This Govt keep saying the Labour debt they inhereted.
But really it the Green policy that fucxhia the economy.
They should have used there power for Green stuff the legislation.

We Want Pot.



StraliaBank posts Net 3.083 Billion Au.
Stat and economic report to follow.
< /flash_news>



In the discussion of where interest rates
might go next month StraliaBank releases the following Media note.
Inflation around 3.2%

Growth 2.9%-2.79

Shews a need to increase rates moving

+2poionts next month.

Other Sources argue that inflation at 2.9%
meaning growth must be at 3.036. D95.
It is  NOT  therefore it must be concluded that
growth is around 2.7499

As per the stat G86.

The sys stat still shews that

inflation is greater than growth

Being In Mind that enterprise went 0,011
Which is now materialising.

StraliaBank Trading at


StraliaBank concludes the departmental stats to
be weak on this occasion


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