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The State of the UNIon Address.

That America should logically
and reasonably come to a solution
with how the economy is going to be restructured.
Further Growth should be achieved by further
investment in infrastructure, Bulding bridges,
Education, Innovation, Investment in
alternative energy resources including
wind and solar projects.

Building those towns most affected
by recent economic changes. Turning
them into places of technological advancement.

And that it is in the Interest of America
to come to an economic resolve some matters
to wit have already been aggreed, so that
to put aside once individual egocentric concerns
 and get on board as ONE as a nation
and substantially improve the way
in which America acheves growth,
and that it is not rite
to burden the wider community with economic
failings. Or to take a hatchet to the economy.

And to take a much more agressive action
to computer hacking those attempting to
steal information and threaten the
technological stability of the Nation
and that hackers are attacking
the infrastructure and that
America will make more effort
to iradicate hacking by way of
information sharing and finding those

The defnition of hacking is quite
clearly defined here as one
infiltrating computing systems
with or without authority
in an attempt to steal. Information
It is known that some hacking
is performed by those in a position
of trust and authority and
that computing systems cannot be infiltrated
 without first some information
being gained from withn the system.

America quite clearly want's to advance
it's technological inovations.

Those that are prepared to work and
invest there time should be paid
and that the minimum wage should be increased
thus those working can afford
a reasonable life style.
The working poor..

There was much more sayed
but I'm mostly concerned with the
economic matters
of economy
otherthinks spoken
will in the long term help to reduce debt.

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